What is AEIS Credit on Bank Statement? – 99% Fraud Charge!

When going through our bank account statements, it can be quite frustrating if we come across any unknown charges, as we don’t understand where these charges are coming from!

Similarly, if you find AEIS Credit on Bank Statement and want to know why you have been charged this amount, then you have come to the right place to get the best answer.

Many people have reported their account balance becoming zero after seeing this charge on their credit or debit card statements, which indicates that this could be a fraud charge!

In this article, we have explained the source of the AEIS credit charge, and along with this, we have shared some important points that you need to follow to avoid being charged with such charges in the future.

What is AEIS Credit on Bank Statement?

The AEIS Credit Charge will appear on your Bank Statement if you have swiped your credit or debit card at a gas or pump station.

The charge comes from the American Express Incentive Services company, which works as a payment processing unit after you swipe your card at gas stations.

AEIS is a joint venture between American Express Travel Related Services Company Inc. and Maritz Holdings, Inc. The company has now changed its name to InteliSpend, and it provides Prepaid Solutions to businesses.

If you see a credit to your account with the code “DIRECT DEPOSIT AEIS CREDIT,” this might be a credit card points bonus from AEIS company.

We can’t say this is a legit charge as many users have reported being scammed after swiping their cards at the gas stations. When they swiped their card, fraudsters stole all the money from their debit cards within a few minutes!

Now if you’re seeing this charge on your bank statement and you’re unsure why you’ve been charged with this charge, then we request you to immediately get in touch with your bank and raise a dispute against this charge.

What is ACH Withdrawal / AEIS DEBIT on Bank Statements?


ACH Withdrawal / AEIS DEBIT charge code will appear on your Credit card or bank statement if you would have used a debit card to make payments at gas on form stations.

The ACH Withdrawal in the charge code means it is an electronic fund transfer from one financial institution to another, carried out via an automated clearing house (ACH) network.

This process is similar to all the online or offline money transfers we make through our bank accounts to different bank accounts; all of this transaction process is considered an ACH withdrawal.

AEIS DEBIT code from the charge means the company has worked as a payment processing unit for this charge.

You may also find a similar charge labeled BUS PRODS DELUXE BUS SYS on your Bank Statements. Please read the full article to know how to handle it.

Why are you seeing this charge from AEIS Company?

As we explained earlier, all charges with AEIS codes are coming from American Express Incentive Services company, and this company is a joint venture between American Express Travel Related Services Company Inc. and Maritz Holdings, Inc.

The company continues to operate as an independent entity and has changed its corporate brand name to InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions™.

The company provides American Express Gift Cheques and business-to-business reward solutions, including stored-value cards. They also provide Reward/award cards for loyalty, award, or promotion programs.

You may have swiped your card at the location which will be taking services from InteliSpend, and since this InteliSpend is a joint venture with AEIS, the charge comes on your bank statement with the AEIS code.

To learn more about AEIS company you can visit this article.

Reporting Fraud AEIS Credit Charge 

If you need clarification on why this charge is appearing on your bank statement or if you see any fraudulent activity on your credit card after swiping your card, you should immediately contact your bank to report this charge.

Many people have shared their experiences where their bank account became zero after swiping their debit cards at the gas or pump stations.

Fraudsters nowadays use very smart techniques to steal money from your bank account as they stand a long distance from you where you’re swiping your card and record your card number. The thieves instantly download your credit or debit card data to another computer, where their partner records the numbers on the card with a magnetic strip.

Once this process succeeds, they will immediately try swiping all the money from your bank account.

You should immediately contact your bank to stop this activity. If you are found innocent, your card issuer will cancel the old card and provide you with a new one.

Additional Information to Understand AEIS Credit Charge 

If you want to know the experiences of other people charged with the same charge, then we recommend you go through this discussion thread. As many people there have explained why this charge appeared on their bank statements and what they did do to report this charge.

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In conclusion, this is not a hundred percent legit charge, as many people have been scammed after swiping their debit cards.

This charge mainly comes from the payment we made at the gas pump stations, and AEIS is the company that processes the payment.

However, suppose you see any charges like AEIS Credit or ACH Withdrawal / AEIS DEBIT on your bank statements without making any transactions; then this is a pure fraud charge. In such a situation, you should immediately contact your Credit/Debit card issuer company.

We hope this article has given you a fair idea for identifying this unknown charge. If you like our information shared in this article, then please give us a 5-star rating with the option available at the top of the blog post.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please ask them in the comment section, and we will do our best to provide you with an accurate solution.


What does AEIS Company do?

American Express Incentive Services company is a joint venture with Maritz Holdings, Inc. company which provides Reward or award cards in connection with loyalty, award, or promotion programs to businesses.

What does AEIS Credit Charge stand for? 

The abbreviation “AEIS” in AEIS Credit charge refers to the company American Express Incentive Services.

Where is American Express Incentive Services located?

The headquarters of American Express Incentive Services is situated at 1400 S Hwy Dr, Fenton, Missouri, with the postal code 63026.

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