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The craze for visiting Disneyland cannot be explained in words for many people! As people love visiting Disneyland for several reasons; for some adults, it evokes nostalgia, relieving their childhood memories.

Disneyland Resort is a true treasure of magical experiences and unforgettable memories for many people!

To enjoy the world of Disneyland, an Annual Pass (AP) is the golden ticket that grants access to the enchantment year-round. To make the dream of their fans more accessible, Disneyland Resort offers the DLR AP Monthly Payment plan, allowing guests to spread the cost of their Annual Pass over manageable monthly instalments.

This article explains why you see the payment with DLR AP code on your bank statements. And some important information for upgrading the monthly pass plans.

Why do you See DLR AP MONTHLY PAYMENT on your Bank Statements?

If you see “DLR AP Monthly Payment” on your bank statement, it likely indicates a charge related to your Disneyland Resort Annual Pass.

The abbreviation “DLR” stands for Disneyland Resort, and “AP” refers to Annual Pass.

With this Monthly Payment plan, Disneyland Resort aims to allow the guests to pay for their Annual passes in monthly instalments instead of paying the full amount upfront. If you have enrolled in this payment plan, the charges on your bank statement are the monthly payments for your Annual Pass.

However, many people have reported that this code is a refund amount sent by Disneyland Resort to the guests paying for Walt Disney World annual passes.

These refunds were processed due to the closure of the theme parks, specifically for those who have already paid for the membership but still haven’t visited the theme parks. This charge sometimes also appears in bank statements with “Pos debit dlr ap monthly payment” Code.

Furthermore, if you have any specific concerns or questions regarding this payment, then it’s best to check the official Disneyland Resort website or contact their customer service.

Customer Service Number –

  • (714) 781-4567
  • (877) 560-6477

Email ID –


How Can You Upgrade Disneyland Annual Pass?

Disney recently introduced an update to its online ticketing system, which allows existing Passholders to upgrade their Walt Disney World Annual Pass online.

Through the “My Disney Experience” platform, Passholders can now access a new feature called the “Upgrade Pass” button within the ticketing section; this enables users to upgrade their pass type seamlessly.

The Disneyworld website also has a “Manage Annual Passes” area to give Passholders more control over their passes.

Disney has officially declared that Existing Walt Disney World Annual Passholders can upgrade their Annual Pass to any available pass type outside their renewal window on Disney’s official website or via the My Disney Experience app.

The price difference must be paid in full at the time of the pass upgrade, and the new pass will have the same expiration date as the original pass.

This new system allows Passholders to switch to a different pass type and offers the convenience of adding PhotoPass and Water Park options through the Manage Annual Passes feature.

The new Manage Annual Passes webpage will look like this –

upgrade disneyland annual pass

Please go through the terms and conditions of the annual pass so that you will have a proper idea of the annual pass usage rules.

If you come across an unidentified charge on your bank statement labeled “Relief1 Sandusky Oh,” then you should read the article posted on our website to learn crucial information about it.

What are Disneyland Magic key Monthly Payments?

The Disneyland Magic Key Monthly Payments option refers to the monthly instalment plan offered by Disneyland for purchasing a Magic Key annual pass. This new plan is Disneyland Resort’s new membership-based system that has replaced the previous Annual Passholder program.

With Magic Key Monthly Payments, guests can pay their Magic Key pass monthly instead of paying the full amount upfront.

The amount and duration of the monthly payment depends on the type of Magic Key pass chosen and any current promotions or discounts available.

Guests can choose from the four magic Key options available –

  • Inspire Key
  • Believe Key
  • Enchant Key
  • Imagine Key

disneyland magic key monthly payments

To participate in the Magic Key Monthly Payments program, guests typically need to enroll during the purchase process, either online through the Disneyland Resort website or in person at the park.

The monthly payments are then automatically deducted from the guest’s chosen payment method, such as a credit card, regularly.

The availability and terms of the Magic Key Monthly Payments may vary, so users may need to check the official Disneyland Resort website or contact their customer service to get up-to-date information regarding payment options for the Magic Key program.

How to Upgrade Disneyland Ticket to Annual Pass?

If you want to upgrade your valid and eligible Disneyland Resort theme park ticket to an annual pass, you can get it by paying the purchase price of an available Magic Key pass.

You can upgrade your Magic Key ticket to an annual pass by following the simple steps from the Disneyland app:

  • Visit the Tickets and Passes section and link your Magic ticket to your Disney account
  • One-day tickets – Ensure to upgrade by midnight on your visit to the Disneyland Resort.
  • Multi-day tickets – the upgrade must be completed by midnight on or before the last valid day of your ticket

You can watch this video to understand the process in detail –

Disney Annual Pass Blockout Dates

Disney Annual Pass Blockout Dates are the dates on which certain types of Disney Annual Passes are not valid for admission to Disney theme parks. Disney itself sets these dates and is subject to change based on various factors, including park capacity, special events, holidays, and peak visitation periods.

The purpose of blackout dates is to manage park attendance, ensure a positive guest experience, and provide value to guests who hold passes with fewer restrictions.

During blackout dates, guests with passes are affected by the blackout restrictions and won’t be able to use their passes to enter the parks.

To view these blackout dates, you can visit Disney’s Blackout Dates page on their website.

Additional Information about DLR AP MONTHLY PAYMENT

To learn more about this charge, you can watch this video –

You can visit this discussion thread to get the latest updates on this monthly payment option

Many individuals are falling victim to scams involving fraudulent FID BKG SVC LLC MONEYLINE charge. We urge you to read the article in order to protect yourself and keep your hard earned money safe.


In conclusion, Disneyland Resort holds a special place in people’s hearts, evoking nostalgia and offering magical experiences. The “DLR AP Monthly Payment” on your bank statement indicates charges related to your Disneyland Resort Annual Pass.

This payment plan allows for monthly instalments instead of upfront costs. Due to park closures, some individuals have received refunds under this code for Walt Disney World annual passes.

So, this is a 100% safe credit amount and you don’t need to report it as a scam.

If you have more doubts, then visit the official Disneyland Resort website or get in touch with contact customer service.


When will Disneyland sell annual passes again?

The Disneyland Resort announced that sales of all Walt Disney World Annual Passes would resume on Thursday, April 20 2023

What happens if you forget to cancel your Disney reservation?

If you’re a Magic Key holder, you must monitor your reservations and avoid having more than three uncancelled bookings. If you miss three reserved visits, then it could result in a 30-day block from making any further reservations.

What is Disneyland’s lifetime pass price?

The Golden Pass ticket allows the holder lifetime access to all nine theme parks owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company and costs $40,000 per guest.

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