BUS PRODS DELUXE BUS SYS on Bank Statement – Warning!

If you see BUS PRODS DELUXE BUS SYS on your bank statement and wonder why you have been charged this amount, don’t worry; you have come to the right place to find its answer!

Many think this charge comes from any bus transportation system where they must have used their credit card. But this is not true, as the origin of this charge is something else.

In this article, we have given an in-depth idea of what this charge is about. We have explained the origin of this charge and the possible reasons why you have been charged with this amount.

We have also discussed the steps to avoid being charged with such charges. Let’s dive into this article to learn more about this charge.

What is BUS PRODS DELUXE BUS SYS on the bank statement? 

deluxe bus sys on bank statement

This charge will appear on your bank statement if you order personal or business checks from your preferred bank. Since the checks are no longer free, the banks usually charge people for providing new checks.

The BUS PRODS words in the charge code stand for Business Products, and DELUXE stands for Deluxe Company which works as a third-party system to print the checks.

So, overall DELUXE BUS SYS BUS PRODS charge stands for Deluxe Business System Business Products.

People often get confused when they see this charge on the bank statement, thinking it comes from any bus transportation system where they must have used cards. However, this charge is purely from the banks to provide new checks only.

Why does this charge come in the Electronic and Miscellaneous Withdrawals category?

Electronic Withdrawal means, the banks use an electronic system to transfer funds as an ATM withdrawal or pay-by-phone transaction automatically.

Banks generally use miscellaneous terms to label various transactions characterized as charges, which aren’t code specific. You can easily notice in your bank receipts that there will be some charges that are normally tagged as “Miscellaneous Withdrawals”, these are nothing but service charges from the banks.

So overall, Electronic and Miscellaneous Withdrawal means the bank automatically transfers the funds from your account using its electronic system. Since there was no specific code for the transaction, it went to the Miscellaneous Withdrawals category.

What is DLX FOR BUSINESS Charge?

DLX FOR BUSINESS Charge will appear on your bank statement when you order personal or business checks from your bank. DLX Code in the charge stands for Deluxe Company which works with banks to provide them with Checks, deposit slips, eChecks, Business Forms, etc.

When you place a check order, the payment is processed through Deluxe and the amount charged will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account. The deluxe company only works as a third-party payment processing unit in this process.

Many people get confused by seeing a charge with DLX code in it, giving rise to the question of whether their credit card information has been stolen and used by someone. But there’s no need to worry, as from the above explanation, we can understand that Deluxe is a legit company and you’ll only be charged if you order checks from your bank.

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How to Report Fraud DELUXE BUS SYS Charge?

If you see this charge on your bank statement without ordering any checks from the bank, this could be a fraudulent charge.

Fraudsters usually send a small payment to your credit card to check whether it is working, and if the transition succeeds, they make full use of your credit card.

In such cases, you should immediately contact your bank to report this issue. In such cases, banks may cancel your current credit card and provide you with a new one.

If you want to talk with the deluxe company’s customer care, who has processed this payment, you can visit their contact us page. Here are some details that might be helpful to you –

Contact Number:



Deluxe Corporation, 801 S Marquette Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55402

Additional Information to Understand DELUXE BUS SYS Charge

If you want to know more details about this charge, then you can also watch the video below –

You can also visit this discussion thread where people have shared their experiences of being charged with a similar charge.

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In conclusion, the charge labeled as BUS PRODS DELUXE BUS SYS on your bank statement is a legit charge from your bank for ordering personal or business checks. Banks usually charge for new checks as they are no longer free.

It is important to note that this charge is often mistaken for a Bus transportation-related transaction, as the BUS code appears in the charge code, but it is solely for providing new checks.

If you see this charge on your bank statement without doing anything, then please immediately report this charge to your respective bank.

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What is the meaning of DELUXE BUS SYS?

The meaning of DELUXE BUS SYS Charge is Deluxe Business System; this means the deluxe company has processed your credit card payment.

What is Electronic Withdrawal Deluxe Bus Sys?

This means the Deluxe Company has electronically withdrawn the amount from your bank account. In this, the Bus Sys stands for Business System.

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