What is MMBILL Charge? – All details Covered

Are you looking to find out why a mysterious MMBILL.COM Charge is appearing on your credit card and is annoying you with recurring charges every month or sometimes every week as well?

So don’t worry; you have come to the right place to get answers to all your queries regarding this charge. The main problem with this charge is that the charge issuing company appears on a credit card with another name, which confuses people as they can’t recognize who is charging them.

So let’s understand from this article which company is bothering you with its recurring MMBILL Charge and see how you can get rid of such charges permanently!

Why do you see MMBILL.COM Charge on Your Bank Statements?

How MMBILL.COM appears on the bank statement

MMBILL.COM Charge is not a scam charge. You will see this charge on your credit card account if you or someone else from your family uses your credit card to buy tokens on Chaturbate, a Cam model/Adult website.

These tokens have been used to keep the models that perform live for the users. The main Company shows this charge as MMBILL.COM, to avoid customers getting embarrassed by seeing charges from the adult website on their credit card statements.

Now the main issue is that the website is charging people repeatedly, every month or sometimes four times a week! Even people who don’t subscribe to this website still see charges from them, which confuses people as to whether the company is charging them or if someone else has the account details.

Now let’s understand how you can be safe from such recurring charges.

How Chaturbate Scam People?

Many people have reported getting billed with a charge with a MMBILL code every month at $19.99, even when they haven’t subscribed to anything!

This happens because while accessing the site for the first time, you will be asked for a credit card to verify your identity or age. Also, once you submit your credit card details, you may get randomly charged from the site after 1 to 2 days without doing anything from your end.

Also, if you see recurring charges from this adult website, they might be coming from the automatic subscription renewal, which they call Fan Club Membership.

This happens because you unknowingly signed up for this monthly Fan Club Membership by accepting their terms and conditions while opening a new account.

Once you get automatically subscribed to the automatic renewal, you might also get charged regularly every week for the various services you take from the website; many people have reported that they have got charged $79.99 Four times in 3 weeks. In such cases, unfortunately, customers need to cancel their credit cards.

Sometimes you might also receive a message from the bank about giving you a pin. A few minutes or hours later, you will get a call where you will be asked to enter this pin in the name of bank verification; if, unfortunately, you provided this pain on the call, then fraudsters will get access to your credit card details and they will still have all your money!

So to not let such unknown charges appear on your credit card, you need to cancel the automatic renewals and take other actions. Now let’s understand what those steps are to avoid such charges.

How to know why you were billed with MMBILL?

To understand why you were billed with this charge, visit Company’s Customer Support and submit the Information Form to get all the details.

You can get all the details regarding bill payments from mmbill by submitting the form below.

mmbill Customer Support Information Form

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How to Remove Fan Club Membership?

To avoid automatic renewal of your Fan Club membership, you will need to visit the “My Profile” section at the top of the site and then click on the “Memberships” tab. You’ll need to remove any active memberships you may find in this section.

Cancel Fan Membership

After the cancellation, you’ll receive a confirmation email along with the date your Fan Club access ends.

How do I cancel my Chaturbate account?

If you are fed up with the annoying charges from this adult site and if you want to cancel the account permanently, then you can follow the below steps – 

  1. Login to your Chaturbate account (Note that you must be logged in with the account you want to Cancel)
  2. Go to the bottom of the Homepage
  3. Click on “Disable Account”

Disable chaturbate account

How to Report Fraud MMBILL Charge?

If you want to know the reason why you wear charged with MMBILL Charge or if you were charged without having any active subscriptions, then you should first contact your credit card issuer about this fraudulent activity; also, if possible, then Kindly ask the card issuer to cancel your credit card so that scammers won’t be able to use your card for further transactions.

After this, you can also connect with Chaturbate’s customer support, raise a dispute against this charge, and ask them for a reason for getting charged for an active subscription.

Below are the contact details to get in touch with their customer support

Email ID


Billing Support

(877) 338-7068

USA/ Canada Toll-Free Number


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Additional Information for MMBILL Charge

If you want to know how other people also got charged with the same MMBILL charge and how they got the refund of their stolen money, then you can visit this discussion thread from the scam charge website.

You can also view this video to learn more about this charge


In conclusion, this is not a scam charge but a legit charge coming from an adult website. However, you may be charged without your consent if you agree to their terms and conditions, automatically enrolling you in a monthly membership renewal.

However, it is also important to remember that many people are being scammed under the name of MMBILL charge, so if you see any other activity on your credit card, you should contact your bank and secure your card.

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