UNITED FIN CAS INS PREM On Bank Statement – 2023

Did you find the UNITED FIN CAS INS PREM Charge on your Bank Statement? If you don’t know the reason behind this, don’t worry; you have come to the right place to find the solution to all your queries regarding this charge.

In this article, we have explained the connection of an insurance company with this charge, and have explained the important steps you need to take to keep your credit card safe from getting scammed with the help of this charge code.

Now let’s understand why this charge is bothering you and putting you in a state of confusion and how you can get RID of this charge if you want to.

Why do you see the UNITED FIN CAS INS PREM Charge on your Bank Statement?


If you have a financial insurance policy with United Financial Casualty Company, you may see a UNITED FIN CAS INS PREM charge on your bank statement. This charge is for the premium you pay as per your policy. The amount charged will depend upon the type of policy you have and the amount of coverage you have. 

United Financial Casualty Company is a subsidiary of Progressive which is a renowned Insurance company. United Financial handles Progressive’s auto, commercial, and business insurance. It is based in Wilson Mills Road. Mayfield village, Ohio.

You can contact United Financial for more information about your policy and its associated charges. 

United Financial majorly provides insurance for the following domains –

  • Home 
  • Trucks (Tow, Dump, Food trucks, etc.)
  • Property 
  • Motorcycle 
  • Vans

Along with this, the company also provides insurance discounts, claims assistance, and comparison tools.

What Exactly Is UNITED FIN CAS?

UNITED FIN CAS is a short form of United Financial Casualty. If you see this on your credit card then this transaction belongs to United Financial only.

Earlier, any transaction coming from United Financial Casualty company used to show up with the description as “Progressive Insurance,” but later on the company changed the charge description to UNITED FIN CAS. 

You may find similar charges from United Financial with different code names; below are the codes encountered by many people.


If you have also seen any charges with the above code in it, then don’t worry. This charge is from United Financial Casualty company only.

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Who is United Financial Cas Co Company?

United financial auto insurance

UNITED FINANCIAL CASUALTY CO was the old name of United Financial, which was changed in 1993.

United Financial is a subsidiary of Progressive Commercial Holdings and it is one of the underwriters of Progressive’s commercial auto and business insurance lines.

To view the company’s official listing, visit the official listing page of the Department of Insurance, California.

Also, you can use this page to see the subsidiaries of the progressive corporation.

As explained earlier, below are the lines of business of United Financial Cas Co Company – 

  • Fire
  • Automobile
  • Marine 
  • Burglary
  • Common carrier liability
  • Sprinkler
  • Liability
  • Team and vehicle
  • Miscellaneous
  • Plate glass
  • Boiler and machinery

Sometimes this charge is also associated with your vehicle’s insurance premium; when you pay for the vehicle’s insurance, this charge will appear on your bank statements, provided you have purchased this auto insurance policy from Progressive Automobile Insurance.

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How Can You Report This Charge? 

If you are sure you don’t have an account with United Financial and are still getting charged with the same charge, this could be a case of credit card fraud. It might be possible that someone else has your credit card details and is using it to make their payment.

In such cases, you should immediately contact your credit card issuer and ask them to block your card so that it can’t be used further for making any transactions.

After this, you can get in touch with customer support of the united financial company and raise a dispute for this charge. Here are the details of their official customer support –

Contact Number

1-800-444-4487 / 800-274-4499

Since the company is a Progressive Insurance subsidiary, you can contact Progressive’s customer support to report any charges from United Financial.

With their live chat option on the website, you can expect a quick resolution to your queries. You can visit Progressive’s contact us page to learn more.

After you raise a dispute, the company will start the investigation process, and if everything goes well, you can expect a refund of your lost money.

Additional info about UNITED FIN CAS INS PREM Charge

You can check this official government website listing of United Financial to be assured about the company’s authenticity.

You can also visit this discussion thread from the What that Charge website to understand how people were charged with this amount and what they did to recover the money stolen in the name of this charge.


We hope this article has clarified more about the UNITED FIN CAS INS PREM Charge and the steps to recover money in case of fraudulent transactions.

This charge will mostly be the premium you pay for your policy with United Financial. Still, if this charge appears on your credit card statement without having an account with the company, you should contact your card issuer or customer support at United Financial.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please ask them in the comment section so we can provide you with the right and helpful answer.


Is United Financial the same as Progressive?

United Financial Casualty Company is a subsidiary of Progressive Commercial Holdings, Inc., which is a Progressive Company. United Financial is one of the underwriters of Progressive’s commercial auto and business insurance lines. In other words, United Financial is a company that provides insurance for businesses and commercial vehicles.

What is the United Financial Casualty Company’s phone number?

You can reach United Financial Casualty Company’s customer support at 1-800-444-4487 or 800-274-4499.

Who owns United Financial Casualty Company?

United Financial Casualty Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Progressive Insurance. This means that Progressive Insurance owns all of the shares of United Financial Casualty Company and has complete control over its operations. United Financial Casualty Company is one of the many insurance companies that Progressive Insurance owns.

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