Select Media LLC Charge on Credit Card – Finally Resolved!

Are you trying to discover why Select Media LLC Charge appears on your bank statement? And are you fed up with seeing continuous charges from Select Media, and you don’t know why you’re getting charged with this unwanted charge?

Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right article to get answers to all your queries regarding this charge.

This charge is coming from an adult content website for using their services. But we can’t keep full trust in it as many people have also reported getting scammed after seeing this charge on their bank statements.

To understand the origin of this charge and the required steps to get rid of such unwanted charges from select media.

What is Select Media LLC Charge on your Credit Card?

Select Media LLC is a legit Charge from Fansly, a free and subscription-based social media site that hosts adult content. Fansly is owned by Baltimore-based CY SELECT MEDIA LTD company in Kamares, Cyprus.

So you must know that Fansly won’t appear on your bank statements. It shows up as Select Media LLC.

This is mostly an authorized charge you agreed to pay on the Fansly website. Many influencers on the Fansly app use services from select media to process payments to their bank accounts. That’s why if you have paid any influencers from the Fansly website, you’ll see this charge on your credit card account.

What’s the Connection of Select Media LLC Company With this charge?

Select Media LLC has partnered with the industry’s most respected publishers, widely used as a trusted video and mobile technology platform worldwide. As this is a video hosting platform, many influencers host their video on this platform.

When you made the payment to the influencer on Fansly, the influencer was hosting her videos select media platform, so you got charged by the select media company.

You can see the below image which shows that the influencer is talking about select media company from were they receive their fan’s payments.

connection of fansly with select media

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How to Cancel Select Media LLC Charges?

As long as you’ll continue to pay the influencers on Fansly, till then, you’ll keep on seeing this charge on your credit card account. The only way to cancel any charges coming from Select Media LLC is to stop making on the Fansly app.

Try to see in your Fansly app whether you have a subscription active this might also be a reason for seeing regular charges from select media.

If you’re regularly getting charged from Select Media LLC without your authorization, you may have an active subscription; if you want to stop these regular charges, you should follow the steps below to cancel unwanted charges.

  1. Contact Select Media LLC customer service at 844-927-3881.
  2. Provide your account information and request to cancel your subscription.
  3. Follow the instructions provided by customer service to complete the cancellation process.

You can also cancel your subscription online by visiting the Select Media LLC website and logging into your account. Once logged in, click on the “My Account” tab and select “Cancel Subscription”. 

Follow the instructions provided to complete the cancellation process.

If you have any questions or problems cancelling your subscription, please get in touch with Select Media LLC customer service for assistance.

How to Report Fraud Charges from Select Media LLC? 

Report Fraud Charges from Select Media LLC

If you are sure that you are not making any payments on the Fansly website and are still seeing recurring charges on your credit card account with the code “Select Media”, then this might be a credit card fraud case.

In such cases, you should immediately contact your credit card issuer and request them to cancel your card and issue a new one. Once your old credit card is blocked, the fraudsters who have access to it won’t be able to use it further for making payments.

Here are the contact details which you can use to connect with Fansly customer care –

Customer Care Contact Number


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Additional Information on This Charge 

You should check out this discussion thread where people talk about the various charges they came across from Select Media LLC.

To secure your credit card and to get more details about Select Media LLC Charge, you should watch the below video


So with all our research, we found out that the Select Media LLC charge on a credit card is a legit charge coming from the Fansly website, which gets processed after your approval only.

Also, if you are getting charged repeatedly, you should log in to your Fansly account and see if you have subscribed to any one of their members. If you have subscribed to any unwanted subscription, you should immediately cancel it to avoid future charges.

We cannot fully trust any “Select Media” charges because many fraudsters use this charge to Carry out their scams. They usually steal small accounts at first instance, and once they see the transaction has been processed successfully, they will try to use the maximum amount possible from your credit card.

That’s why whenever you see any unauthorized activity on your credit card Select Media code in it, you should immediately report the this charge to your credit card issuer and fansly customer support.

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