GoBrands Inc Charge on Credit Card – Beware of This Scam!

Finding an unknown charge on the bank statements sometimes gives a small shock if we don’t know the origin of the charge. With the rising credit card fraud in the market, people are always worried about whether credit cards have been compromised.

Similarly, if you found a Gobrands inc charge on your credit card and have yet to learn Why you have been charged this amount, don’t worry; you have come to the right place to find its answer.

In this article, we have discussed various charges coming from Gobrands company. We’ve also shared some essential details that you should know about Gobrands company if you regularly buy their products.

Why do you see Gobrands Inc Charge on your Credit Card?

Gobrands inc charge will appear on your credit card if you have purchased any item from Gobrands company or someone might have used your card to make the purchase which is a sign of credit card fraud.

Sometimes this charge also appears as BT*GOPUFF PHILADELPHIA PA.

GoBrands, Inc. Currently doing business as Gopuff, Providing fast delivery of on-demand products such as Groceries, Alcohol, Home Essentials & more. GoPuff delivers all of the daily needs of their consumers right to their doors.

But if you see this charge on your credit card without actually making any purchase from Gopuff, we should immediately report this charge to your card issuer and Gopuff itself.

Blocking the credit card in such a situation is a wise choice, as fraudsters cannot use your card to make any further payments. We have explained in this article how you can report this charge to Gopuff company.

Who is GoBrands Inc. Company?

GoPuff Homepage

Gopuff is the new name of GoBrands, Inc. company and their USP is the fast delivery of on-demand retail products. The company serves customers in the United States.

They mainly offer medicine, cleaning and home products, pet care, beauty and wellness items, office supplies, alcohol and freshly prepared food, food and drinks, and baby essentials.

GoPuff claims that they deliver all your orders right to your doors or wherever you are in the united states. As they store about 4,000 products in each Gopuff location, spread all over the USA, and that’s why they’re able to deliver products fast to the consumers.

Also, the company doesn’t charge a surge price because they’re not a courier service; after they receive the order, the products are picked from the nearby Gopuff location, which is one of the secrets behind their fast delivery service.

Why do you see Gopuff Charge on your Credit Card?

Mostly, the charges coming from Gopuff company are shown with Gobrands Inc code, but sometimes people might see the same charge with Gopuff code. And like Gobrands Inc charge, this charge will also appear if you purchased any item from Gopuff company using your credit card.

Many people had also reported that when they had just enrolled for the trial of the Gopuff subscription program, they were automatically enrolled for the subscription at the start of the next month. And the previous $5.95 monthly subscription amount was deducted from their account.

This can also be one reason you see this charge on your credit card statements. Further in the article, we’ve also explained how to stop this automatic subscription renewal.

Are you in the habit of swiping your credit cards at gas or pump stations? If so, it’s important to be aware of the AEIS Credit Charge, which fraudsters can use to steal all of your money.

What is the GoBrands Inc Fam charge?

GoBrands Inc Fam charge

GoBrands Inc Fam charge comes from the Gopuff Fam membership service, which is a paid monthly subscription service. This Gopuff fam subscription costs $7.99 a month after the end of the free trial period.

GoPuff increased the subscription charges from $5.95 to $7.99 a month in 2022 after a long time since the program’s inception in 2018.

So, once Gopuff deducts these subscription fees, your credit card statement will show this code. We recommend you kindly read the term and conditions associated with Fam Subscription to avoid future difficulties.

This monthly membership is a wise choice for those people who frequently order products from Gopuff. As with the subscription service, members get free delivery on orders, and the plan also removes regulated product service fees on every order.

How to cancel Gopuff Fam Membership –

Mobile Application –

  1. Download the app from the play store 
  2. Click on Menu,» then visit “Subscriptions.”
  3. Click on Gopuff – Now visit Alcohol & Food Delivery (& select the subscription you wish to cancel)
  4. Now Click on “Cancel Subscription”.

Website –

  1. Click on Menu 
  2. Visit account section 
  3. Fam membership 

If you want to cancel the monthly subscription, please make sure to cancel it before it gets renewed; to avoid the following automatic subscription fees withdrawal from your account.

What is the Gopuff GB License Charge?

The Gopuff company has two subsidiaries first is GB LL Holdings, a package store, and the second is GB Logistics LLC, a delivery company. These companies do the work of delivering packaged products to customers’ homes.

You’re seeing this charge because you might have purchased products from these GoPuff’s licensee companies.

The recent update on both of these companies is their licenses were revoked in May because of violating Massachusetts General Law by selling and delivering alcoholic beverages to people under 21. You can read the full article to get more information.

How to Report Gopuff Fraud Charges?

If you are sure that you haven’t purchased any product from Gopuff and still seeing charges from Gopuff, then this can be a case of fraud.

Fraudsters usually make small payments from your credit card to confirm its working state, and once they that the credit card is working, they immediately try to make full use of your credit card.

Many such Gopuff scams have happened with people who haven’t even heard about Gopuff in their life! Now, if you are one of them, you should first contact your card issuer and let them know so that they can immediately Ban your credit card and issue a new one for you.

If you want to talk with Gopuff’s customer care, you can visit their contact us page. Below are some contact details of their customer care which might be helpful for you –

Contact No. –

(855) 400-7822

Email ID. –


Additional Information on Gobrands Inc Charge

If you want to read the experiences of the people who were also charged with the same charge, we recommend you visit this discussion thread to get more clarity.

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Ultimately, we would say Gobrands Inc Charge on Credit Card is a legit charge from the GoPuff company, which appears on your credit card if you ordered products from GoPuff.

But it would be best to cross-check why you are getting charged; this habit will help you quickly identify the fraud in the future.

Also, if you’re just trying to take a trial of their membership, please cancel it before the end of the subscription period because if you ignore this, you’ll be automatically charged a monthly subscription fee.

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