Does WUVISAAFT Charge a Scam? Don’t Fall for It!

Are you seeing a WUVISAAFT Charge on your credit card or bank statement and wondering why you’ve been charged this amount?

Or if you’re surprised to see a refund of money coming to your account with the same code and you’re suspicious about this payment. So don’t worry; you’ve arrived at the right place to get answers to all your queries.

This article will give you an overall idea of why unrecognized WUVISAAFT 800-325-6000 charges appears on your bank statements and will provide you with important steps you need to take to secure your account.

Why are you seeing the WUVISAAFT Charge on your Credit Card or Bank statements?

Wuvisaaft 800-325-6000 Charge

WUVISAAFT Charge will appear on your bank statement once you have completed a transfer of funds from your visa credit or debit card using Western Union money transfer services.

This transaction involves the transfer of funds from your account to another account; therefore, the WUVISAAFT code appears on your statement with a ‘-‘negative sign in front of the payment amount (e.g., ‘-$100.00’, Which signifies the amount deduction.

There are a lot of different scenarios in which you may encounter this charge which may include –

  • Paying a Bill (Restaurant Bill payment, Utility Bills payment etc.)
  • Sending money to family or friends overseas
  • Settling debts (Small debts borrowed from friends or family can be repaid from the Western Union)

The full meaning of the WUVISAAFT Charge is –

  • WU: Western Union
  • VISA: Visa Credit Account
  • AFT: Account Funding Transaction

Let’s understand each of these components.

Western Union (WU)

Western Union is a renowned global financial services and communications company. Established in 1851, it specializes in providing money transfer and payment services. 

Western Union offers a secure and convenient platform for individuals and businesses to send and receive money globally. With a vast network of agents and digital channels, Western Union provides reliable and efficient money transfer services for millions worldwide.


This VISA code represents using a Visa credit or debit card for the transaction. People can use any of their debit or credit cards to make the transaction, as the transaction is not required to be processed through a Western Union-provided card only.


The AFT code in the transaction typically refers to “Account Fund Transfer”. This code acts as a unique identifier to facilitate funds transfer from one account to another. AFT code helps to ensure that funds are accurately debited from the sender’s account and credited to the recipient’s account.

Try to recall when you made such a transaction involving transferring funds to your credit or debit card using Western Union Services. If you haven’t made any such payment and see this charge on your statement, then dispute this charge with your bank immediately.

What is the WUVISAAFT 800-325-6000 Charge?

Generally, the charges from Western Union will appear as ‘WUVISAAFT 800-325-6000’; in this code, the 800-325-6000 number is the official customer care contact number of Western Union.

The nature of this charge is also similar to that of the “WUVISAAFT” charge, which appears on bank statements as part of the transfer of funds from Western Union’s Visa Direct Account Funding Transaction (AFT) service.

In some cases, the charge also appears as –

  • WUVISAAFT 800-325-6000 COUS
  • WUVISAAFT 800-325-6000 CO 80112

CO Code, from the above abbreviation, represents the state of Colorado.

COUS from these codes means a Combination of CO (the state of Colorado) and the US (United States); this combined code represents the headquarters for Western Union as the Western Union’s office is in Denver, Colorado, United States.

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What is Western Union Visa AFT?

Western Union’s Visa AFT is a service that operates over the Visa Direct network to facilitate AFTs, basically the account funding transactions.

This network serves as a platform to provide safe and real-time transfer of funds between accounts. With this service, people and businesses can send money to anyone worldwide.

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Why is “WUVISAAFT” showing up on my statement without transferring money with Western Union?

wuvisaaft on bank statement

If you notice a WUVISAAFT charge on your bank statement, it will only be there if you make a transfer. However, if you do not remember making a transfer and still see the charge, there may be some unlikely scenarios to consider, like below – 

  • You must have forgotten that you made the money transfer 
  • Fase transaction appearing on your statement due to card issuer’s error 
  • Scammers might have got your account details 

If you see any recognized transactions on your bank account, investigate the possible reasons immediately. Usually, scammers deduct or deposit a small amount of money to check whether the trades are happening; once confirmed, scammers start extracting money from your account.

So before raising a dispute with your card issuer, you can verify the authenticity of the transaction by remembering the transactions you made recently, else you can also contact Western Union customer service directly to get more details.

You can also watch the video below to know more details about this charge.

How to Report Unauthorized “WUVISAAFT” Charges?

In most cases, though, we would say that the “WUVISAAFT” charge appearing on the bank statements results from customers using Western Union money transfer services to make the money transfer.

If you are sure that you haven’t made any such transfer and you are seeing this charge, you should contact Western Union customer service to report this suspicious charge and then tell them to block your card so that scammers won’t be able to use it further.

To connect with Western Union customer support, you can visit their contact us page or you can contact them using the details given below –

Contact Number


Email ID


In conclusion, in most cases, the WUVISAAFT Charge appearing on your bank statements results from the transfer of payments made by you using Western Union’s transfer services.

However, seeing such charges without making any transactions strongly indicates fraud. In such cases, you should immediately report such activity to Western Union’s customer service to avoid further difficulties.


Can I send money through Western Union with my debit card?

Yes, you can pay by sending money from your debit card ( Visa debit, Visa, Maestro, or MasterCard). Or you can also choose the most economical payment option to pay directly through your bank account, and recipients can pick up cash at Western Union locations worldwide.

How long do I have to wait to collect money from Western Union?

Money is generally delivered to the receiver within minutes. The pick-up service at the Agent location is available the next day. Usually, direct bank deposit takes 2 to 5 business days, but it also varies per country. 

Can you pay Western Union with an in-store Debit Card?

Yes, you can pay Western Union with your credit or debit card or via bank account transfer.

What happens if money is not picked up from the Western Union?

If the money transfer doesn’t get picked up by the recipient or the sender doesn’t cancel it before pick up within one year of the sending date, then the sender will have to pay the non-refundable administration charge, which is permitted by law. The respective charge amount will be directly deducted from the money transfer principal amount.

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